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Booking with us!
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On Monday evening our Government made the decision to put the country into lockdown and this included many businesses. Dog groomers are not an exemption to this and should be closed until further notice.

I know that some dog groomers have decided to ignore the above and are still offering "safe" dog grooming with no contact between humans. Unfortunately, this is still putting the groomer and pet owners at risk.

Although dogs do not contract this virus on its own, it can be carried on their body and fur if they have been in contact with someone who is contaminated with it. This means, as soon as groomers take that dog everything, including their hair, uniform, shoes, equipment and work place will be contaminated too. No matter how thorough they are with bathing your pooch, they may not kill all the virus particles and they will contaminate the air with it as soon as they start to blow dry.

To enable a groomer to offer completely risk free grooming, they would need a hazmat suit and gas mask and would need to sterilise everything with ultraviolet beams or commercial grade ozone generator or spray with strong antiviral disinfectant and keep wet for several minutes, as well as shower themselves in between each new groom.
Do you believe this will happen?

Your dog is not going to die if they miss a groom and even if you do not have time to brush your dog and the groomer has to shave the coat in the future, the hair will grow back, but no one can bring back people that will die from this virus and we all need to play our part to kill Covid 19 as quickly as possible. So please do not take unnecessary risks and stay at home and simply keep brushing your pet.

Just a small advise - when you are outside taking your dog for a walk please do not allow anyone who is not living in your household to hold or touch your dog.


Enhanced Raw Diet Formula

We are stocking full variety of Core Range, JustSupportDinners for both dogs and cats.
There is also wide selection of Treats and Bones and Frozzys.


Every pet deserves a professional groom, and with over 25 years of experience that is definitely what we offer.
We are taking pride of our job and always
try to make your pet looks its best!

* * *
We are fully booked with regular customers and as so we are not in a position to accept new pets for grooming service

at the moment.

Emmi-pet Dental Hygiene

Emmi-pet effectively combats:
Gingivitis and periodontitis
Oral cavity disease
Plaque and tartar build up
Bad breath

Just text us if you wish to arrange a consultation.

Essential Info

All services are offered by prebooked appointment only!

We are expecting your pet to have their vaccinations and flea treatment up to date as well as being in a good health.

We accept payments in cash, by card, through Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.


The Studio

Recently refurbished, it offers a comfortable space for your pet to be groomed.


Some animals can find busy grooming studios very stressful, so at Agnes Pet Grooming Studio they receive a one-to-one experience in a quiet, spacious and pet friendly place.



We do offer comprehensive
one-to-one training package which is tailored to each groomers individual requirements.
Our training package is very much designed to progress development whilst still building on existing skills.


Coming soon!

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Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know us!
We do everything with pet in mind so hopefully you will like our services!



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