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Our Studio fully complies with
the Covid-19 CFSG Advice
for animal related businesses!…/CFSG%20Animal%20Business%20Guidanc…



Dear Customers,

As a small business owner, we have had many a sleepless night worrying about how we can safely operate when we reopen
and the impact Coronavirus will have on our business.
It is not going to disappear over night, so we will do everything
we possibly can to protect ourselves, our families and
our clients once we reopen.


Coronavirus wasn’t in anyone’s business plans or in anyone’s budgets for 2020 and unfortunately there are increased costs associated with this so please understand that we have no other option then to increase our prices.

Some of these changes may seem a little over the top for many of you, but we believe these steps are totally necessary for the foreseeable future and we must follow strict guidelines set out by DEFRA, PIF, BIGA and the CFSG as there is a strong possibility that Coronavirus can stay on a pets coat and in their saliva for days from an infected household, so every precaution needs to be taken during the initial intake and handling of pets prior to bathing.

It will not be possible to do any form of pre-grooming before bathing, i.e brushing the coat, dematting or pre clipping, so please try your very best to get the knots out before your appointment as it may not be possible to get the knots out after the bath, which could result in having to cut your dog shorter than normal or shaved off.

We have managed to source the necessary disinfectans and PPE which we feel as a must in order to groom your dog safely – facial visors, nanosilver masks, gloves and long sleeves disposable aprons.

Studio has new furniture arrangement assuring proper social distancing as well as biosecurity equipment:

  • safe drop off and collection zone, 2 waiting pens
  • bath, blow dry, preparation and grooming sections which are separated with floor to ceiling screens
  • counter for customers with medical grade hand sanitiser in automated dispenser,
  • UVC steriliser for cash payments and contactless card reader
  • counter for staf with disposable ppe and wide sort of disinfectants
  • grooming tools are safely locked in metal drawers.
  • we are also having remotely controlled door lock to protect full safety during handover protocol
  • there is ozone air sanitiser with movement detection working during day time at the reception area
  • we are disinfecting working stations and sterilising tools after each groom
  • we are replacing or sterilising groomwear and PPE as advised by CSFG guidelines during each phase of grooming process
  • pets from shielding households are groomed at first appointment of the day to ensure safety for their owners.

As you can see we did our best to minimise the risk of cross contamination and studio has high standards of biosecurity measures in place.

Please remember that from 24th of July we are expecting all visiting us customers to wear face masks in the shop as it will be mandatory and you can pay a fine if Police would notice us doing otherwise.



Enhanced Raw Diet Formula in our

Click & Collect Boutique

High-quality, nutritious and complete meals for your pet, ready to collect on your choosen day and time.

Simply defrost, portion and serve.


Every pet deserves a professional groom, and with over 25 years of experience that is definitely what we offer.
We are taking pride of our job and always
try to make your pet looks its best!

* * *
We are finishing with backlog dog grooms, so we should be able
to accomodate
new customers


Emmi-pet Dental Hygiene

Emmi-pet effectively combats:
Gingivitis and periodontitis
Oral cavity disease
Plaque and tartar build up
Bad breath

Just text us if you wish to arrange a consultation.

Essential Info

All services are offered by prebooked appointment only!

We are expecting your pet to have their vaccinations and flea treatment up to date as well as being in a good health.

We accept payments in cash, by card, through Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.


The Studio

Recently refurbished, it offers a comfortable space for your pet to be groomed.


Some animals can find busy grooming studios very stressful, so at Agnes Pet Grooming Studio they receive a one-to-one experience in a quiet, spacious and pet friendly place.



We do offer comprehensive
one-to-one training package which is tailored to each groomers individual requirements.
Our training package is very much designed to progress development whilst still building on existing skills.


Coming soon!

Welcome to my website!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know us!
We do everything with pet in mind so hopefully you will like our services!



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